Sunday, January 31, 2016

Lessons from a Plant

Introducing Stronàe Robinson-Van Haver, the latest addition to your humble blogger's workspace. Though a relative novice to plant maintenance,  yours truly decided to bring some foliage into a rather nondescript situation.  The experience maintaining this plant thus far has reiterated a few life lessons :

1) You get what you put in. 
Out of fear that Ms. Stronàe would dry out, there was a point in time where your humble blogger ended up watering her more than necessary (Read: once a week instead of the usual two weeks ). As a result,  one of the leaves died. It made me think about how the results one gets in life reflects the amount and type of energy put in. 

2) Patience 
Keeping a plant is an exercise in patience. It will grow and show its need for sustenance in its own time, not yours.  Correlated to this is

Given my aforementioned novice status in keeping plants, it has been a great help to have a coworker knowledgeable in this arena.  It reinforced the idea that one can't always trust their own judgment,  but seek the help of others when necessary. In addition, it reiterated that there are outside forces that guide life and they have to be heeded and trusted.

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