Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Question

While perusing this month's issue of Vogue, your humble blogger happened across this article

What stood out was the context in which it included "natural textures". To put it in the most charitable way possible, it begged the question:

Since when has natural hair been new or next?

For the record, this is a rhetorical question. The reason? The video below should explain:

(Source: Chime-HairCrush on YouTube)

Thursday, March 31, 2016

3 Reasons Why Mother Angelica is a Woman who Made History

(Photo Courtesy of EWTN )

MsRanaDee's Words and Stories extends sincere condolences to the Eternal Word Television Network at the passing of its foundress, Mother Angelica in addition to condolences to her family and loved ones.  Words cannot adequately express how much EWTN has meant to your humble blogger. To honor the trailblazing nun and Women's History Month, here are three reasons Mother Angeica is a woman who made history 

1) Mother Angelica founded EWTN as a cloistered nun.

A cloistered Roman Catholic nun would likely be the last person one would picture founding the world's largest religious media network. However,  Mother's faith lead her to taking on this stereotype-shattering endeavor with  $200 and a garage. 

2) She founded an order of friars 
Mother also founded the Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word, an order of Catholic friars.  Let that sink in. 

3) Mother shared the good,  the true, and the beautiful.  

Last year, your humble blogger made a post on how beauty can change the world (here's a link According to the definitions cited, it can be argued that Mother Angelica's communication of the Catholic faith was a spreading of the good, true, and beautiful- changing the world.  

For more information on Mother Angelica and her work, visit

Monday, February 29, 2016

Legacy, Story, and quotes from Two Ladies

     Recently, your humble blogger was at an event in which one of the speakers mentioned an intriguing acronym for the word "legacy". The speaker, Minister Mary D. Edwards, posited the following for the word:

Chronicle of

She went on to define chronicle as story.  It got yours truly to thinking: What's in a story?  What makes an individual's story worthy to leave for following generations? A quote from a certain celebrity (Yes, it's Janelle Monae) might pull it all together :

Your voice can shape a community and move a community forward

What's your legacy?

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Lessons from a Plant

Introducing StronĂ e Robinson-Van Haver, the latest addition to your humble blogger's workspace. Though a relative novice to plant maintenance,  yours truly decided to bring some foliage into a rather nondescript situation.  The experience maintaining this plant thus far has reiterated a few life lessons :

1) You get what you put in. 
Out of fear that Ms. StronĂ e would dry out, there was a point in time where your humble blogger ended up watering her more than necessary (Read: once a week instead of the usual two weeks ). As a result,  one of the leaves died. It made me think about how the results one gets in life reflects the amount and type of energy put in. 

2) Patience 
Keeping a plant is an exercise in patience. It will grow and show its need for sustenance in its own time, not yours.  Correlated to this is

Given my aforementioned novice status in keeping plants, it has been a great help to have a coworker knowledgeable in this arena.  It reinforced the idea that one can't always trust their own judgment,  but seek the help of others when necessary. In addition, it reiterated that there are outside forces that guide life and they have to be heeded and trusted.

Until next time, 

Friday, December 18, 2015

May the (Beauty) Force be with you

In honor of Star Wars: The Force Awakens opening day,  your humble blogger decided to rock the Cover Girl limited Star Wars lipstick in Gold #40. What makes this line awesome is its smooth feel and application, from its shea butter base. As for this particular shade, it stands out without overpowering. To give this a more neutral look, the Cover girl Lip Perfection liner in smoky. What better way to channel the force while still looking good?

Monday, November 30, 2015

The (Not-So) Great Leap Forward

     It's easy to want to do a total overhaul when wanting to make a life change. Indeed, sometimes, life can call for it. However, there are some instances where small steps may be more helpful. This is especially so when drastic measures give rise to anxiety. it goes without saying what the consequences are for trying to make any lasting improvements in such a state.

     With the year winding down and New Years resolutions making time drawing near, reflecting on small steps that can be made toward a particular goal would be worth consideration.  While change is good, lasting positive change is even better. To paraphrase a wise saying, eating an elephant starts with one bite.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Just Breathe-Pt. 2.

It's throwback time again!  For this post, it will be about the use of breath in song.  To recap, your humble blogger posted about it here. There's another song to add to the list. *drumroll*

Je Cours by Stromae
(video curtesy of Dapastudio You Tube)

The translation of the title is "I run". In apropos fashion, the sound of a runner breathing can be heard during the chorus. An English translation of the song can be found here . In light of the lyrics, it's easy to see how the use of breath in the song can give a deeper sense of what is being conveyed.

Happy listening!