Saturday, December 30, 2017

Faith is like breathing

 (Photo courtesy of

In a recent conversation with my best friend, she said "Faith is like breathing ". It was striking in its profound simplicity. As the new year approaches, it feels apropos to consider how necessary faith is to life, like breathing. It's hardwired in us, like breathing. Take time to focus on your faith life the same way we try to slow down and take deep breaths. If something is obstructing it like bronchitis obstructs the lungs, find what you need to keep it going. Your life will thank you for it.


Friday, November 17, 2017

R.I.P. Sister Antona Ebo

(Sr. Mary Antona Ebo at the March on Washington Photo courtesy of National Catholic Reporter)

Your humble blogger is heartbroken to hear of the recent passing of Sr. Antona Ebo. She was widely known for being the only Black nun at the 1965 March on Washington. Words fail to do her legacy justice, so check out the link below:

My spotlight here has a link to a great YouTube video on her.

Monday, October 23, 2017

About the present moment

What's been on your humble blogger's mind as of late is that of the accepting the present moment being an opportunity to connect with the transcendental. Go figure the following recently arrived in my email from Dynamic Catholic
Ruminating on this begged the following question:
Will you seize the opportunity or nah?

Food for thought. 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

So it's #WorldTourismDay -revisiting my Aarhus trip

Apparently,  your humble blogger's July post about the trip to Aarhus, Denmark  was deleted. Since it's World Tourism Day, it seems like a good time to go back down memory lane to yours truly's first ever time across the pond

What brought me to the second largest city in Denmark? My best friend, that's what (make that who). She was out there for two months, and far be it for me to not come out to visit. To sum up Aarhus,  it's a great combination of big city flair and small town charm. 

On a related note,  it's fair to say there's more than good reason Aarhus was named European cultural capital of 2017.

 For one thing, the food is incredible.
(A sandwich from one of the river caf├Ęs)

The variety of cuisines to choose from at the numerous restaurants and food spots can whet
almost any appetite.

Then there's the art.

(Sculpture by the sea)

There's also a plethora of clothing and other  shops guaranteed to have any traveler leaving with something to bring home.

At this point it's best to note some housekeeping details.  Denmark is fairly pricey,  with Aarhus not being an exception. As any travel resource will tell you,  do your research to find ways not to burn a hole in your pocket. Also, the usual travel tips apply in terms of courtesy and the like.

With that said, I had a blast in Aarhus and you will too.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Some more food for thought

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The following quote from Vanessa Denha Garmo was just begging to be shared
Communication can be the kiss of death or breath of life 

 Though this has been said for time immemorial, such a truism behooves me to not our challenge is to choose wisely what we communicate.

Friday, June 30, 2017

A (maybe) little -known secret about Queens Bar

How about this for some irony? Your humble blogger has frequented this establishment picture above since it opened last year and not long ago found out one of the co-owners is black. Gotta love heartening news.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

#OOTD Festival Edition

It's the unofficial beginning of Summer, do you know what that means- festival time! For your humble blogger, it's all about Movement (the " Techno Fest" in local Detroit speak) Since it's a nice day in the Motor City, yours truly decided to go with a jumper and crochet vest. One can't really good wrong with such an ensemble for festival wear as it's pretty simple and simple is good for festivals.  Even better,  it can be dressed up or down for when you're not owning the dance floor. Get your favorite  shoes, accessorize and enjoy the season !