Saturday, September 24, 2011

B&Bs From a First-Timer's point of view

This week, yours truly had the opportunity to stay at a B&B (travelspeak for bead & breakfast). In this instance, it was Central Park B&B in Louisville, KY. It was a first time at a B&B-ever. With that in mind, here's my two cents.

Located in the heart of historic Old Louisville, it's safe to say Central Park B&B is the ideal place to stay for a lesson in B&B 101 in the best town to stay in if you're a virgin to B&Bs. The rooms-impeccable. Service-second to none. Bob and Eva Wessels, the owners, know how to treat guests. The whole experience illustrated the perks of staying at a B&B in comparison to a regular hotel:

1)Since breakfast is included, B&Bs are a way for the traveler to reduce food expenses (Plus, one can't go wrong with a little home cooking in the morning)

2)B&Bs enable travelers to interact with other guests in a way that's not as easy for traditional hotels to pull off.  Mornings bring B&B guests literally at the table, creating an atmosphere where people who in any other any other circumstance wouldn't talk to each other engage in dialogue. There's nothing more enriching than getting into conversations with people of backgrounds different of one's own (another lesson from my Louisville experience).

 As for the fact that B&Bs are typically refurbished historical homes, that doesn't mean that it's not for everyone-regardless of demographic. It especially helps if the B&B is a reputable one. That being said, there's no reason not to stay at a B&B at least once in your life.

(For more information on Central Park B&B visit

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Buy of the Moment-Black & White Edition

It's fair to say that when it comes to yours truly, there's NOTHING like random, inexpensive awesome fashion finds-expecially when found locally.  Thanks to local spots Designer Retail Boutique and Rust Belt Market, I picked up two items that were not only hot, but proved to be inspirations for a hot black and white outfit. Why black and white you ask? Because they're basic colors that are anything but (just ask Janelle Monae).

The Buy
black high-waisted skirt with pockets ($10-Designer Retail Boutique, Ferndale, MI)
black and ivory ethnic-style necklace ($15-Rust Belt Market),

About the Look
Pictured Above: The plain white tee gets a black pick-me-up with the skirt, necklace and black Sam Edelman alligator-print pumps

Vendor Info:
Designer Resale Boutique
175 W. 9 Mile Rd.
Ferndale, MI, 48220
Phone: (248) 840-2569

Rust Belt Market
22801 Woodward Ave.
Ferndale, MI  48220

(Check them out on Facebook)