Thursday, June 30, 2016

On Not "half -doing"

If any concept will stick with your humble blogger for the rest of her life,  it is the"half-do"-specifically, the importance of not "half-doing" one's tasks.  (For the record, , yes, it is a cleaned-up version of the other colloquialism for not giving one's all.) Lately, it's personal significance has been on my mind.  Then a quote from Fr. Pat Egan entered the rumination:

"No one has a vocation to be just average "

Whether one wants to admit it or not, everyone has a calling. That calling, to put it in modern colloquial parlance, is to "be great". Also, whether or not we want to admit, one's calling goes to the heart of one's being. Not giving 100 percent is just short cutting one's self, not to mention one's fellow human beings.

Hence, "not half-doing" isn't just part of a cool catchphrase. It's what we're mean to be.