Monday, April 2, 2012

On the "small" things

It's highly likely that this topic has been addressed before by people much wiser than I. However, it behooved yours truly to post on the subject of the "small" things. And yes, there is a reason for the quotes around the word small. What may seem insignificant can sometimes have the most impact.

Let's take good deeds, for example. It's easy to think that the smile given to a stranger or giving to someone in need may was a simple act.  For the recipient, though, it could have meant the world. Case in point (true story): A person overheard three people speaking a foreign language at an event and they decided to to say hello in that language.  The face of the people in the group lit up like Christmas trees in pleasant surprise.

Not everyone can be a Mother Theresa, but a person can make another's day through what may appear to be a small act of generosity.