Thursday, April 21, 2011

Enjoy the Silence

 To start off, yes, the title is from a Depeche Mode song. Here's why-it is VERY rare for people nowadays to actually enjoy a moment of silence. We're constantly bombarded with noise-television, computers, cell phones, and the like to the point where silence has actually become awkward.  Everyday life has become a noise factory-in every sense of the word.  Where has the silence gone?

     My mom alluded to this one day recently when we were in the car together after having ridden for a while with the radio off and no word spoken.  It wasn't an awkward silence. It was a nice, peaceful silence.  She mentioned that she misses those days when she used to ride in the car with family with the radio off. Occasions like that can actually be quite pleasant.  That occurence had me thinking about the oft missed opportunities to savor quiet and just be.

    Contemporary Western lifestile rarely affords time to get away from the noise.  However, there are ways to fit it in-namely in the form of using TV and radio commercial time to literally unplug. Though it may not be much in the short run, the minutes add up and you still have the chance to fit in all you have to (and want to) accomplish in a day.  Even if you're one of those people that cannot bear the thought of being idle-ever- commercial breaks are ideal for getting things done such as prayer, journaling, meditation, and reading.  Silence is even great to try when heading somewhere or hanging out with friends or loved ones. Times of tranquil quiet, in fact, is usally an indicator of great, long-lasting relationships.

     Everyone has days where they want to shut everything out for a while and just be.  With all of the demands placed on us as human beings in the 21st Century, such moments have become mandatory in order to function properly.  In all honesty, there is no better way to chill than pure quiet time.  Whoever coined the phrase "Silence is golden" knew what they were talking about.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

RIP House of Chants and Other Ferndale Icons

Despite the title, this entry is actually a celebration.  It's a celebration of the best of the two block strip of 9 Mile west of Woodward that is no longer with us.  First and foremost is House of Chants.  There was literally nothing like it in south Oakland County.  Once one set foot in the store with the orange awning, it was another world.  It wasn't just a boutique, it was an experience.  Great house music played on the speakears while one could peruse through a treasure trove of unique pieces from local designers like Wound and Eugenia Paul to national and international labels such as Kitchen Orange, Tulle, Runaway Pony, I Clothing, and BB Dakota.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spotlight: JaDon Davis, Author-Poetry for the Planet

JaDon Davis has a poem for everyone on Earth-seriously.  The 36-year-old Detroiter is currently in the publishing process for his first book, Poetry for the Planet.  A product of almost two years’ worth of writings, Poetry depicts experiences primarily garnered from Davis’ personal life.  The self-proclaimed “full time poet with a full time job” gave Words and Stories a look into the book and the man behind it. 

RI: What interested you in poetry?
JD: [Poetry is] one of the things I’ve been able to do since I’ve been able to write.  God put it in me.

RI: What made you decide to publish a book of poetry?
JD: I’ve been writing poetry for a while and it stacked up. I like writing so I decided to try my hand at being an author.  [A book] was already in the works but got confirmation at the poetry ministry in my church.  I was in the pulpit and people heard me speak and they said I should write a book and put it in print.

RI: Why title the book Poetry for the Planet?
JD: There’s something for everybody around the world in this book.  If you know how to read or want to read, this book is for you.

RI: What was the most challenging part of writing Poetry?
JD: The typing.

RI: There is a strong spiritual theme in Poetry.  How do you feel spirituality has and will impact your writing?
JD: [Spirituality] actually makes the writing accessible to more demographics.  It enhances the words that I choose.  The God theme? That’s where I come from, that’s who I am.

RI: What do you want the reader to gain from reading Poetry?
JD: That’s a good question.  I want [the reader] to be educated and entertained, uplifted and motivated, and I want them to be encouraged and empowered.

JaDon Davis is accepting pre-orders for Poetry for the Planet as well as working on his second book.  For more information, contact him at