Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spotlight: JaDon Davis, Author-Poetry for the Planet

JaDon Davis has a poem for everyone on Earth-seriously.  The 36-year-old Detroiter is currently in the publishing process for his first book, Poetry for the Planet.  A product of almost two years’ worth of writings, Poetry depicts experiences primarily garnered from Davis’ personal life.  The self-proclaimed “full time poet with a full time job” gave Words and Stories a look into the book and the man behind it. 

RI: What interested you in poetry?
JD: [Poetry is] one of the things I’ve been able to do since I’ve been able to write.  God put it in me.

RI: What made you decide to publish a book of poetry?
JD: I’ve been writing poetry for a while and it stacked up. I like writing so I decided to try my hand at being an author.  [A book] was already in the works but got confirmation at the poetry ministry in my church.  I was in the pulpit and people heard me speak and they said I should write a book and put it in print.

RI: Why title the book Poetry for the Planet?
JD: There’s something for everybody around the world in this book.  If you know how to read or want to read, this book is for you.

RI: What was the most challenging part of writing Poetry?
JD: The typing.

RI: There is a strong spiritual theme in Poetry.  How do you feel spirituality has and will impact your writing?
JD: [Spirituality] actually makes the writing accessible to more demographics.  It enhances the words that I choose.  The God theme? That’s where I come from, that’s who I am.

RI: What do you want the reader to gain from reading Poetry?
JD: That’s a good question.  I want [the reader] to be educated and entertained, uplifted and motivated, and I want them to be encouraged and empowered.

JaDon Davis is accepting pre-orders for Poetry for the Planet as well as working on his second book.  For more information, contact him at

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