Thursday, December 19, 2013

Style Icon: Janelle Monàe

So Cover Girl just released their new commercial with Janelle Monàe today. Of course, it behooved your humble blogger to dish about it. Why? Everything about Janelle's looks here demonstrates why she's a style icon. She is a master of the art of simplicity, packing the punch in the details- in this case, the wonderfully structured white sleeveless top as well as the unbuttoned 3/4 sleeve white blouse with form-fitting black pants and signature oxfords. Classic with a bit of wow. Priceless. And that's just the clothes. The makeup? On point as per usual. Then again, one can never go wrong with a natural look, especially with a pop of color (like at :06 with the lip) Black and white has never looked this good! Speaking of :06- who else would totally rock that look at for New Years? Just saying.