Monday, September 1, 2014

Scale it Back

Proverbs 4:26
Survey the path for your feet, and all your ways will be sure
There is a verse from a prayer of St. Bridget of Sweden portrayed in the EWTN series Parable that always seems to strike me:
In delay, there is danger, but in haste, there is likewise peril.
In our hustle-bustle world, such words seem all to timely. It is so easy to get caught up in what we're doing that no time is taken out to actually survey how things are going or what's the next step to take. such moments can lead to confusion or frustration.  Your humble blogger's method of thwarting such situations aforementioned is to say under my breath "Scale it back.".  This means to take a moment, pause, and analyze the situation.   Most importantly, it's a self-exhortation to slow things down enough to properly execute the task at hand.

Whatever the endeavor, the natural tendency to dive right into a project or procrastinate can result in sloppy work.  For the former, it can include imputting all the ideas which pop in your mind, some of which might not be the best.  The latter can risk good ideas slipping away that could otherwise be utilized. Allowing a moment to look at things from a different perspective helps one to get a fresh insight into what's going on.
Let's face it-life can get too hectic at times for our own good.  Sometimes our hands can't keep up with our brains.  With modern society as it is, doing is a major part of life.  If anything's worth doing, it's worth doing right.  That means putting in the time to do it right.  Pausing for the cause can help one do, like the introductory proverb in this piece suggests, step back for a look at where your at and where you're going.