Saturday, October 22, 2011

Review: The M.I.L.K. EP/Golden Age of The Apocalypse

Ok-this HAD to be written because the gauntlet has been thrown. 2011 isn't over yet but these two albums are easily the tops of indy releases of this year-All Cows Eat Grass' (ACEG) "The M.I.L.K. EP" and Thundercat's "Golden Age of the Apocalypse".  These two artists are unadulterated geniuses with their respective instruments: keyboard for ACEG and bass guitar for Thundercat.  Both albums feature the aforementioned very well amid a plethora of genre-bending sounds.  There are literally no words to describe the sounds of these albums-they would do no kind of justice.  On the surface they could be electronica, but they're more than that. These are new sounds, the sounds of the future. They are guaranteed to make you move your feet and bob your head. Now, for the standouts: "SMH" on M.I.L.K. and "Jamboree" for Apocalypse. Check them out:

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