Sunday, November 20, 2011

Foot-In-Mouth: A musing

Everyone has a moment (or two, or three) in their life where they said or did something that caused them to look at  themself  and go"What was I thinking?". For purposes of this entry, it shall be referred to as foot-in-mouth disease. For some, it's curable. For others, well, there may not exactly be a cure. The key is in how it's managed. In such instances, it's easy for demoralization to set in. As the moral of the first poem in the previous entry suggests, there is the risk for the aforementioned to turn into inaction. Instead of being proactive or productive, one who improperly manages their foot-in-mouth end up in a cycle of defeat. On the other hand, proper management (i.e. using "foot-in-mouth" moments as catalysts for positive change) can initiate a cure or an effective means to work around the issue. Like the majority of life's issues, mindset is at the core. It's not easy, but a change in thinking is necessary to address this epedimic.

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