Thursday, January 26, 2012

To Michigan on it's 175th Birthday

Dear Michigan,

Given your name comes from a Native American word meaning "turtle", it's probably no coincidence my first pet was a turtle. Maybe it was your way of instilling a sense of place within me during my formative years. You raised me and the majority of my family. You welcomed my father and grandparents, who came from the South. I was blessed to walk through the hallowed halls of your University in Ann Arbor for four years. You put the world on wheels. You have birthed a plethora of figures who have impacted the country and the world. Recent years have been rough for you, however. Many have left you and others negatively comment about you. Despite this, you are always home to those who have resided within your borders. From Ann Arbor to Zeeland, there is no other place quite like you. May you be blessed this and many years to come

With love,
Rana Dianne Irby
A Michigander born and raised.

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