Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sometimes Words Fail

Ironic title, right? Be honest, though-there is a lot of truth to it. Sometimes words do fail us.  There are moods, moments, and feelings that cannot in any way, shape or form, be communicated in a coherent manner through spoken or written word. The prime example is during moments of loss. In such times, nothing can fully convey the myriad of thoughts, emotions, and feelings that the person experiencing the loss is going through. Everyone's been there-that instance where nothing but a good scream session or crying spell to a favorite emotional song will do. Contemporary society seems to privilege "talking it out" or journaling. They do have their place. However, sometimes it's ok to express emotion not through writing or speaking, but just being. Wether releasing through that "good cry", dance, song or scream (preferably not AT someone), allow yourself-and others the space to express themselves if such methods are the best suited for the occaision.

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