Monday, June 11, 2012

The Tale of Rita Barbour, Pt. 2.

     The elevator door opened. "What are you doing here?" a voice barked. Rita didn't even step through the door before the voice startled her. "I live here", she said. "Room 4322". The aforementioned voice shouting the gruff interrogatory belonged to a member of Droid Control.  "Credentials", he barked again.  Rita pulled up her sleeve. The officer scanned the barcode on her arm. "Ok, but you shouldn't have been allowed up here". The officer was a burly human. Under his breath, he muttered "Incompetent oafs", referring to the office at the front door of the apartment. He then looked sternly at Rita. "We're conducting an investigation.  You said your room is 4322, correct?" Rita replied in the affirmative.  She happened to glance over the officer's shoulder when she noticed two officers come out of the apartment.  "What are they doing there?" The officer turned his heads towards the officers, then back at Rita. He scowled. "You'll have to come with me.". "What? To where?" Rita asked. "Come this way. We have some questions to ask.". The two went to an alcove off the hallway. Again, the officer continued with his stern tone.  "The name is Officer Black. a fugitive android was tracked down hiding in your quarters.  Any idea why she would be there?".  "Obiously it was a break-in, sir.  I've been at work all day.".  "It would be in your best interest not to play games with me.", continued Black.  "Can this by verified?".  "Well, there are cameras at my employer. It's the Star Commission Tribunal.", Rita replied.  " We'll look into it right now. Stay here.".  Black motioned to a nearby guard to watch the android while he confirmed her story.  "So much for the relaxing I planned.", Rita mumbled.  Black returned after a few minutes with an annoyed look on this face.  "Apparently, your story checks out.  You won't be able to return to the apartment until tomorrow.  Our search has to be through.".  "Looks like I'll need to look for lodging for the night, sighed Rita.  She insta-chatted with her co-worker droid, Felicity Rue, about staying with her.  It was a go.
     Next morning, Rita returned to a less than pristine abode.  While re-organizing her e-books, she found a mini holograph player hidden under a shelf.  She turned it on.

 Whoever this is receiving this message, this is Cindi... 

"Oh, Maker!", Rita squeaked.  She continued the holograph.

...I'm sorry if any trouble was caused with my hiding in your apartment.  It was the first out I saw in getting away from Droid control.  Many thanks, though.  From the looks of the place I'm assuming you are a droid, so I'll end by asking you to help the cause.  Supporters have a special telewave for recognition. Details will be paged on that signal at 1700 sharp tomorrow .  Cindi, out.

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