Thursday, September 20, 2012

2 Years and Counting...

Ok, ok. It's been established that yours truly a F.A.N.D.R.O.I.D. The story of how it began, however, goes back to this very date 2 years ago.

     It was my first Janelle Monae show, which was at the Royal Oak Music Theatre in my hometown of Detroit, MI.  Let's flash back, though, to a few weeks earlier.  A co-worker of mine offered a set of Royal Oak Music Theatre season tickets she won.  The only acts I was vaguely familiar with was Janelle Monae and Of Montreal, so I chose those tickets.

*Cue September 20, 2010*
     Given I was tired from work, I was close to not even going to the show. Something in me, though, really wanted to tough it out and go. With that, I hastily change clothes and hop the bus.  Luckily, I walked through the door just in time.

     I arrive unaware of what to expect. I hadn't been in to a show that wasn't electronic music in years.  On top of that, though I new the names of both acts, I hadn't heard their music in full before.  Shortly before the show started, a woman in front of me gave me, shall I say, a warning of how good Janelle's show was going to be. Lo and behold, she was right-and then some.  Being the observant person I am, I decide to stay towards the middle of the room to get a full view.

The house lights drop, and the magic begins.

From start to finish, Janelle's entire set had me in awe. I was in disbelief in what I saw. Every song and movement coming from this woman was literally like nothing I've ever heard or seen in my life.  Here's a taste of what my eyes and ears had been witness to:
(This is a clip from the show I luckily found on YouTube.  THANK YOU to whoever posted this)
Imagine seeing that for the first time. EVER. My mind did a veritable jaw drop.  By the end I wanted to know who this woman was.

I stayed for a few songs of Of Montreal's performance. Less excited about that perfomance than Janelle's, I decide to go to the lobby and wrap up the night by calling a cab.  That wasn't before asking the vendor more information about Janelle, though-and fulfilling the overwhelming need to buy her music.  After a short mental deliberation on which of her albums to buy, I decided to buy the ArchAndroid. Upon arriving home, I immediately gave it a listen.

The rest, as they say, is history.

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