Monday, July 21, 2014

The Dignity of Small Talk

Moments ago,  while waiting on the bus, a gentleman next to me engaged me in small talk. Basically, it was an exchange of hello's, how are you's, short conversation about the weather.  The interaction made me think for a moment how it seems these days there's too many instances where such conversations would be looked down upon as awkward. Wouldn't it be feasible,  though, look at a brief, random discussion on a basic topic in such circumstances as an affirmation of one's human dignity?  Of all the moments people go through in a day, how refreshing is it, once in a while,  to be able to talk to a random stranger (or even a friend) about topics as mundane as the weather or where one got their shirt. It's not only a way to get information, but infers the humanity of those engaged in conversation. It says, without words, "I acknowledge your existence as a human being and thus worthy of attention as such in the form of verbal communication". Next time find you find yourself in a "small talk" situation,  don't be afraid to go with it as far as your comfort level permits

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